We could let everyone in, but then how else would you earn cash back from your friends' purchases plus cash back from their referrals?


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Anyone can join with an invite from an existing user!
Ask around and see if any of your friends can let you in.

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Cash Back Rewards

Receive up to 10% cash back instantly from your day-to-day purchases when you pay with DNERO.


Invite Rewards

DNERO rewards you with cash back rewards from your friends and family purchases made at thousands of top brands and local merchants.

Even better, when your friends invite other people to DNERO, you earn additional cash back on all purchases made by them. You earn 2 levels of cash back rewards!


Send Money

Once you link your bank account to your DNERO wallet, you can send money to friends and family. They can make instant purchases at thousands of locations to earn cash back rewards, buy cryptocurrencies, or cash-out funds to their bank account.


Convert Crypto

Crypto enthusiasts can exchange over 100+ cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin. DNERO instantly converts your Bitcoin into cash when paying with Bitcoin at thousands of top brand locations.



Be on the lookout for the DNERO QR codes located at local merchants in your area. We are reactivating the economy by helping small businesses re-open and re-launch. Simply scan and pay with your DNERO wallet.

When you pay using DNERO Pay, you are helping small businesses save on payment processing fees. Be part of the movement.


Invite friends and family by sending your personal invite link via SMS or social media platforms.

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Get up to 10% instant cash back with the DNERO Mastercard.

Coming Soon! DNERO Mastercard

to use for online purchases and anywhere Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Mastercard are accepted.

Get on the Waitlist

Enter your mobile number and you will
receive an invite link when your turn comes up.