Frequently Asked Questions

DNERO is a mobile application where users are able to load funds into the wallet via ACH. They are able to shop by paying with a digital Mastercard linked to their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay at over 100,000 to brands: Retailers, Restaurants, Gas stations, Grocery stores, Online stores, Food ordering apps and much more. Our users receive instant incentives of up to 10% cash back for using their DNERO Mastercard plastic or virtual card when paying at our participating brand partners.

Yes, there is no cost to join and invite your friends.

DNERO pays you between 1% to 10% instant cash-back rewards for every physical or online purchase made with your DNERO debit card at over 150,000 participating brands.

Sometimes it takes the merchant a couple of days to settle the transaction. Therefore you may see your cash-back as Pending. Once we receive confimation from the merchant that the transaction has cleared on thier end, your cash back will then be credited and posted to your Cash balance.

DNERO rewards you with up to 1% instant cash back from your friends purchases made at thousands of participating brands and local merchants. Even better, when your friends invite other people to DNERO, you earn up to an additional 0.50% cash back on all purchases made by them. You can earn 2 levels of instant cash back rewards!

By receiving an invite from an existing user and passing our KYC. If you don't know anyone using DNERO, join the waitlist:

Federal law requires financial institutions to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to validate customers’ identities. This helps us verify each user is who they say they are and help prevent money laundering.

No, a KYC is a simple identity check and does not affect your credit score.

Once you register and pass your KYC, you will instantly receive your virtual DNERO debit card in the app. A physical card will be mailed at that time an you should receive it in 7-10 business days.

Simply tap the 'Invite Friends' button on the profile page of your app and send your custom invite link to everyone you know.

View your direct referrals and who your friends have invited to DNERO by tapping on Invite Friends and then View Referrals option.


From your card screen, select the 'Replace Card' option. Your old card will become inactive and you will instantly be issued a new DNERO debit card.

All peer to peer transactions are final. If you have sent cash to the wrong contact, please reach out to them directly.

You can add cash to your DNERO account either in person at any of the thousands of Green Dot locations nationwide, or simply making an ACH transfer from your mobile banking app. From the DNERO app's main page, tap Add Cash for detailed instructions on either method.

Please refer to the Cardholder agreement.

In the app, tap on the transaction history icon on the top right corner of the main screen.

Payments can be declined if you do not have sufficient funds to cover a transaction, due to restrictions on certain merchants, or to protect your funds. Always check to make sure you have enough funds in your DNERO account before making a purchase.

Once you have loaded funds to your balance, simply tap Send from the main screen, enter the amount you wish to send, select your contact, and verify and confirm your transaction.

From the profile section of the app, tap "Contact Support", fill out the form with all necessary details, and we will respond within 2 hours.

From the profile section of the app, click the three dots (…) next to your name and select 'Change Password'. Simply enter a new password and verify the pin sent via SMS.

From the login screen, select 'Forgot Password'. Enter your phone number and we will sent you a one-time PIN that you will use to select a new password.

After ensuring the number you are using is correct, exit and reopen the app and try again. If this problem persists, please reach out to for assistance.

If you would like to change your email, please reach out to

If you would like to change your phone number, please reach out to

If you would like to delete your account, please reach out to

If you would like to change your name within DNERO, please reach out to